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NAE "NO HASSLE" Chassis Exchange Program:

North American Electric’s “No Hassle” Chassis Exchange Program is a revolutionary motor control panel warranty designed to keep you up and running. Our “No Hassle” Chassis Exchange Program makes it easy to exchange your Soft Starter or VFD chassis without needlessly having to purchase a chassis while at the same time minimizing unplanned downtime.


Your entire panel is further protected with our three (3) year "Bumper to Bumper" coverage, even protecting against line side anomalies such as lightning strikes & surges, and load side anomalies such as single phasing, phase reversal and voltage unbalance.

Start-Up and Installation Requirements:

The Soft Starter and VFD panel must be installed by a NAE Authorized or Certified Installer. A NAE Chassis Exchange Program Installation Form must be filled out and submitted to North American Electric, Inc. within fifteen (15) days from the date the panel is installed and prior to any claim or the "No Hassle" Chassis Exchange Program Warranty with Lightning & Surge Protection is considered void. Certified Installer classes are offered in Hernando, Mississippi. Check out the training section of the website for more information on class schedules.

"NO HASSLE" Chassis Exchange Program Warranty:

NAE’s “No Hassle” Chassis Exchange Program Warranty period is three (3) years from the date of delivery, and must be activated by an NAE Authorized or Certified Installer. This warranty protection may be extended to cover the chassis or the entire panel for up to six (6) years! Program warranty benefits include: • “Lightning & Surge Protection” • Single phasing, phase reversal & voltage unbalance protection • “Bumper to Bumper” panel coverage • Same day shipment of exchange chassis (Next Day Air, Second Day Air and Hot Shot Service is available for an additional charge)

Contact Information:

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