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Motor Controls Price Increase - Effective January 02, 2024

Mission Statement

To provide complete automation solutions for the United States and international market with products and service that meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, performance, and reliability at the lowest possible cost and delivered within the customer’s schedule, through our authorized distribution network.

Company History

In 1993, North American Electric began sourcing high quality, high performance electric motors and gearing from around the world and distributed them on a national and international level. In 2014, we opened our NAE Motors Controls division enabling us to offer our wholesale distribution network complete automation solutions.


WorldWide Electric Corporation Announces the Acquisition of North American Electric, Inc. 

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NAE Celebrates 30 Years!

September 27, 2023

What is North American Electric doing right to survive and thrive to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary?

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Modular enclosures are a great option for customers who need flexibility with their control panels.

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Proper Irrigation is non-negotiable for farmers and it can potentially be one of their largest expenses.

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Oil and Gas Outlook for 2022

February 28, 2022

The Oil and Gas Industry is expected to reach record-high prices later in the year (2022). So what does that mean for Distributors?

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Our team has been working hard to bring you one of the best Motor Control Catalogs in the industry, and we are excited to finally announce its release. 


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Regenerative Energy Avoidance is a cost-effective solution for VFDs on pump jack systems.

In this article, Rick Cornutt, NAE’s VP of Engineering, explains how Regenerative Energy Avoidance works and the importance of it in pump jack applications.

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